Grab Your Moment, Dad

Posted April 2, 2013 by jimhigley

Ask me what I like about being a dad. Seriously, ask me.

Because I think I finally have an answer.

I’ve always liked being a dad. But I’ve never quite felt like I could explain why I like being a dad. Hitting the nail on the head with the perfect answer has been hard for me. If pushed for an explanation in the past, I’d probably talk about how much fun it was to have kids. Or maybe I’d discuss the joy of teaching little tykes new things. For some, kids complete the family. That’s certainly the case for me. So I might tell you about that.

And you’d probably be fine with any of those answers.

But they wouldn’t have gotten to the core of what I really value in fathering. Click to read the rest in Huffington Post

  • Tracey Medrano Becker

    Loved this. As they get older, it’s about smaller moments of realization, isn’t it?