No Mo Prostate. But I Can Grow a Mo!

Posted November 2, 2010 by jimhigley

I don’t have a prostate. And, I consider myself lucky.

Every year over 30,000 guys in our country lose their lives to prostate cancer. And, a growing number of them are young men. Were it not for a PSA blood test taken by mistake, a sharp doctor, and a lot of good luck, I would have been one of those 30,000 a few years ago.

Funny thing, this prostate cancer. It can take up glandular housekeeping and live quietly while it starts to annex itself into the rest of your body. Oftentimes, by the time you have symptoms, it’s not good.

That’s why I’m lucky. And, that’s why I care passionately about prostate cancer.

Today is November 1, the first day of  “Movember.” It’s a month when guys support guys by talking about men’s health issues- prostate cancer being at the top of the list. It’s a month for guys to kick other guys in the ass and say, “Why the hell don’t you take care of yourself, man?” It’s our version of the Pink Ribbon Month and a chance to put the spotlight on our health.

One of the ways to do this is to grow a “Mo” (slang for “Mustache”) during the month of November. In doing so, you become a walking billboard for your brothers everywhere. If so inclined, you can jump on a ton of bandwagons to raise money through your efforts. More on this is available at

Stay tuned for more, er, mo information throughout the month.

In the meantime, it’s day one and I’m officially clean shaven – along with over a quarter of a million of my closest best friends. Us guys are starting to figure this stuff out.

It’s cool to take care of each other.

  • Brian A. Klems

    Good luck, Bobblehead Dad. I'm also supporting Movember on my blog,

    If you aren't on a Movember Team yet, I would love for you to join mine (Team Reflection Perfection:


  • Jim Higley is the Bobblehead Dad – writer, speaker, life observer and cancer thriver. His favorite role, however, is being "Dad" to his three kids.

    Brian, Thanks for the note! I actually found your site just yesterday and truly enjoyed what I was able to read! Great stuff and I will look forward to more. I'm on a team – but let's jointly do our part to raise awareness! Jim

  • Windmill Duke

    Jim, nice touch. Caught it on Twitter. I'll add my voice for the PSA check. They want it to start at 40 now. I just turned 70 and now have about 5 more ahead according to the stats. My 10 years of PC finally escaped the seed therapy and is now heading to more exciting places. I post my spiritual take on this on my personal blog,, The Wild Gray Goose.

  • EuroWayne

    Hey Jim…this is long-lost Wayne in Anchorage and fellow 2010 Rome Marathon participant. Lost touch with you (and many others)since returning from my European Trampathon Abroad. I have bookmarked – finally – and hope to stay in contact from here on out! Take care!!