Dads Settle the Score on the Streets of Chicago

Posted September 14, 2013 by jimhigley

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Through the years there’s been a story passed down in my family that my dad was a boxer in his youth. I believe it to be true but, candidly, I’m not 100% sure. My dad was a big teaser. And this very well could be a story spun out of some joke that got legs and, well, you know…

Nonetheless, in the eyes of my kids – especially my youngest son – Grandpa was a stud boxer.

Which has led to him periodically questioning my past experience with fighting, being in fights, throwing a punch – you know, all the things I have never done.

Until now.

Thank goodness for the folks at TOMY – who invited a handful of Windy City dads to hang out on the streets of Chicago (not really, it was a Walgreen’s parking lot!) to test out their newest, hottest game: Battroborg. They’re motion controlled battling robots. For kids. And dads. And moms. And anyone else who wants to join in the fun.

Remember the old “Rock ’em, Sock ’em” robots? Think of Battroborg as the high-tech version of that classic childhood game. As a player, you control your own robot with a hand-held motion controller (one for the right hand and one for the left) and battle away in a mini boxing ring.

I was given the chance to put on the gloves and “Settle the Score” for the inaugural battle of the night. My opponent was Al Watts, president of the National At-Home Dad Network. I was thinking that Al’s busy day chasing around four kids coupled with his hectic life – recently involving a pretty big family move – would make him an easy target.

Plus I was hoping a few of those supposed “boxing” genes from my own dad would appear out of thin air.

Unfortunately, I didn’t walk away with bragging rights. But I’m not surprised – stay-at-home dads rock and have super-powers allowing them to stay on their A-Game from dawn til dusk. Right?

You can check out the Battroborg Facebook page here.

And here’s some fun videos on their YouTube page.

Battroborg2chicagoThe best part of the night, by far, was having a chance to hang out with a bunch of awesome dads. It was a good reminder that at the end of a long day, we’re all still kids at heart.

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The nice folks at Battroborg compensated me for sharing my experience. But, as always, my thoughts are my own.