DadsGood. Dads Really, Really Good

Posted November 18, 2010 by jimhigley

One of the best things about being a guy who writes about dadhood is hearing from – and commiserating with – so many other fathers who are on their own journey to being a good dad. Neighbors, brothers, guys on the bowling team, coaches – our stories are endless.

A handful of those guys, like me, put their experiences on paper. Some refer to them as Daddy Bloggers. I call them guys who are great at writing about what so many other men are feeling.

This week, Good Men Project Magazine launched a terrific companion site, DadsGood:The Best of Daddy Bloggers featuring some of the freshest voices you’ll hear from the daddy grandstand today. Featured writers includeAaron Gouveia,  John Cave Osborne,Craig Playstead, Jason Avant,Ron Mattocks,Dekek Markham,and yours truly.

I hope you’ll check out these outstanding colleagues of mine.While we have different voices and experiences, we all share the core goal of helping dads pull our collective heads out of the communications closet and start sharing our experiences.

When you enjoy something, give it a comment, a FB “like”, or share it on Twitter. We’re trying to get the word out to all the dads – and moms – who might enjoy our journey. Join in. And be a part of the conversation.