Facelift for Dad: This Ain’t Your Father’s Eye Exam

Posted January 6, 2015 by jimhigley


I just left my eye doctor’s office – finishing up my annual check-up, picking out some new eyeglasses, and updating my prescription. It’s all part of a new year’s “facelift” I’m giving myself.

The Important Part: My Annual Check-Up

I’ve worn glasses since I was 8 – so I’m pretty comfortable with the entire eye exam process. And I’ve also come to experience firsthand how quickly your vision can change when you reach that “over 40” age bracket. I think I was two months past my 40th birthday when I succumbed to the reality that I needed reading glasses. That lead to progressives lenses (a much better term than that used by my own dad – “bifocals!”). And with each new candle on my cake, it wasn’t unusual for me to notice some new changes in my vision. That’s why it’s important for all of us middle-agers to get our eyes checked annually. Not only for vision purposes – but to stay on top of other health issues (the eyes are a great early indicator of other problems) like:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Diabetes

The whole exam takes 15 to 30 minutes. And yes, I’ve stood in lines longer than that waiting for a caffe latte.


The Fun Part: Selecting My New Eye Glass Frames

You may recall from my story last week  that I’ve been having fun – compliments of the great folks at Flexon eyewear – checking out their  Pivotal Force series and Laser Precision series. I’ve never been super confident at picking out my own glasses – and have tended to lean towards conservative styles so I wanted to see what the professionals at my eye doctor’s office suggested. And I’m glad I did!

I ended up choosing something I probably would have never selected on my own – a brushed chrome semi-rimless style. It’s from Flexon’s Laser Precision series – the exact same style I picked out in my story last week – just a different color. Over decades I’ve had about every style eyewear imaginable – aviator, vintage, rimless – and I’ve seen styles come and go. But I have always leaned towards browns, bronze-looking colors. Why? Habit I guess. But when my eye professional, Julia, at Lossman Eye Care had me try on this brushed chrome I instantly smiled.

“I like these. Or do I look silly?” I asked.

“Those are perfect,” she said. “Perfect shape for your face. Perfect width. The semi-rimless brushed chrome works great with your coloring. They’re really youthful looking without looking too young on you.”

She had me at “youthful.”

She also had me when she once again showed me the phenomenal qualities all Flexon frames have – you can bend the heck out of them and then watch them go right back to their original shape. Bottom line: they’re super lightweight and more durable than conventional metal frames.

Cool looks. Cool functionality. Win. Win.


The Space Age Part: Lens Technology

When I was a kid wearing glasses usually taped together at the hinges, the only thing I knew about lenses was that my mom insisted they be scratch resistant. Past that, a lens was a lens.

But that’s not the case today! Lenses are high-tech. So I’m not only getting high-tech frames, I’m pairing them with high-tech UNITY lenses. What makes UNITY lenses so special? Well, they’re custom made to fit your frame and prescription. It’s kind of like the difference between having a suit custom made for you versus on that you buy off the rack and have tailored.

Each UNITY lens is custom manufactured just for you. They also:

  • Work with single vision or progressive lenses;
  • Have an array of coating options – for things like scratches, UV protection, and reduced glare;
  • Can provide protection from blue light as well as the negative effects of sitting in front of a computer.

So who says lenses aren’t cool?

And, as an added bonus, when getting fitted for high-tech lenses, you get to wear some space-age headgear which tracks and record every single dimension needed. It also makes you feel like a super-hero. If only for a few minutes!


Want Your Own Facelift?

I’m obviously having fun with this project with Flexon. I’ve picked out my frames. I’ve had my eye examination. Now I’m just waiting for my finished glasses to arrive. Continue to join me on this journey – because in my next (and final) story I’ll share a pretty neat surprise for one of you. Who doesn’t like a cool give-away, right?

Want More Information?

So make it a resolution to love your eyes and treat yourself to fun “facelift” with some cool Flexon eyeware. Here’s some links with helpful information:


Thanks to the folks at Flexon for providing me this experience. As mentioned, I’m receiving a complimentary pair of glasses as well as financial compensation for my input. But trust me, what I write and share come right from my heart.