Facelift for Dad: Picking Out Eyeglasses

Posted December 30, 2014 by jimhigley

1482794_4885034939780_701023080330678396_nI must have been a good boy this year.

Because the holiday goodies and surprises are still coming in.

A Fun Flexon Surprise

With an abundance or boxes in my house (hey, I have three kids!) – I’ve been saving one just for me to open after the holiday cheer started to wane. It arrived at my house a week or so ago – from my friends at Flexon – the cool folks behind stylish and fatigue-resistant eyeglasses. What’s fatigue-resistant? Well they bend, flex and resist breakage. Speaking as a guy who has ruined many a pair of expensive glasses that I’ve a) sat on, b) slept in or c) stepped on – the Flexon secret formula has caught my attention. Cooler yet, Flexon has invited me to pick out a pair of frames from their new Pivotal Force series and Laser Precision series, experience a state-of-the art eye exam where I’ll be fitted for my new pair of Flexon frames – complete with UNITY lenses.

That’s the kind of facelift this guy can get excited about.


Not familiar with the name? Truthfully, my knowledge on who’s who in the eyeglass world isn’t great either. But dang, have I learned a lot these last few days. Here’s the top three Flexon facts you eyeglass aficionados need to know:

  • These frames are like nothing else I’ve ever seen in the 40+ (ahem) years I’ve worn glasses. They are made of a metal alloy of titanium and nickel – and you can bend the heck out of them – and then watch them return to their original shape. As a dad who spends much of his free time outside goofing around, this is incredible.
  • They keep their shape. That means no more loose glasses that sit funny or slide down the nose. (Can. Not. Wait. For. This.)
  • They are light! Like 25% lighter than other typical metals. And as a guy training for a marathon (and trying to loses a few pounds before the 26.2 mile day) I’m looking to shed weight anywhere I can.

I have eyeglass excitement. 

Decisions, Decisions.

So what frame am I thinking about? Being bald and fair skinned, I’ve always tended to lean towards pretty simple frames. But I’m kind of tired of seeing the rest of the world wearing stylish glass frames so I’m considering a major change. Right now I’m leaning toward these  semi-rimless Pivotal Force frames – sporting blue on the temple tips (they bring out my eyes, you know) – but I think I’ll wait to make my final decision at my eye appointment next week. They’re pros. And I’m guessing they can guide me to a look that works for me.

I like the way I look in semi-rimless, I think (no frame at the bottom). How about you?

I like the way I look in semi-rimless, I think (no frame at the bottom). How about you?

Want Your Own Facelift?

Hey, I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy the fun of Flexon. Follow me on my journey over the next couple of weeks – as I go in for my eye exam, get fitted, and then experience my new glasses. I’ve got a surprise in store for one of you – an exclusive, incredible give-away – which I’ll reveal when I pick up my own new pair of Flexon glasses.

Want More Information?

Admit it. I’ve got you thinking about new eyeglasses, haven’t I? Here’s some links with a bunch of eye-opening (I know, that was bad) information:


Thanks to the folks at Flexon for providing me this experience. As mentioned, I’m receiving a complimentary pair of glasses as well as financial compensation for my input. But trust me, what I write and share come right from my heart.