“I’m the New Face of Dad!” (take 19)

Posted June 11, 2012 by jimhigley

I’m honored to be one of five dads kicking off a fun, new promotion for the nice folks at Philips Norelco – “I’m the New Face of Dad!”

8:14 am, Sunday morning

I’m in our sunroom taking advantage of the early morning quiet. Standing and looking into my handheld video camera reciting the scripted words I’ve been asked to repeat.

Take 17.

“I’m the new face of dad!”

Take 18. This time I think I’ll put a little pause between “face” and “of” while sporting a friendly grin. But I want to make sure it doesn’t look like a smirk. That’d be creepy.

“I’m the new face (pause) of dad!”

Take 19. Maybe I should do a repeat of Take 18 but put a little more emphasis on the the word “dad” this time without making it sound like I stumbled upon a burglar.

“I’m the new face…”

Enter my 16-year-old son. (On cue, he belches.)

“We don’t have any food in this house. I’m hungry.”

So my morning photo shoot is cut short. I’ll have to come back to it later after I figure out how to whip up some breakfast with a bagel, one egg, and the leftover taco stuffing from yesterday’s dinner. I should have gone to the grocery store last night at 10:30 when I remembered that we were basically out of everything.

So much for being the new face of dad.

But I really am. And if you’re a dad, you are, too, because Philips Norelco says so. And that’s good enough for me.

In fact Philips Norelco is kicking off a new campaign – “I’m the New Face of Dad” – with a video featuring a few old  – but now so totally new – friendly faces you probably know. Like Whit from Honea Express. And Clay from Dad Labs. Jon from Blurbomat. Plus my pal, The Didactic Pirate. They were nice enough to include me, as well. And all five of us took some time this past weekend to share – on camera – our personal feelings about what it means to be a dad.

Truthfully, what we’re really doing is helping to continue the conversation about the evolving world of dadhood. But you need to be part of the dialogue, too! We’ll be launching the discussion and video release this Thursday, June 14 with a Twitter Party from 8:00 – 9:00 pm Eastern time. Use the hashtag #NewFaceOfDad. There will be plenty of dads and dad fans there. I hope you can stop by.

Back to “Take 20” 

Screw it. I never made it back to my camera work. 19 takes will have to suffice. The dog showed up at the back door with a critter in his mouth. I had to finish mowing. And my daughter needed to go shopping for some clothes. I misplaced my wallet. Then I made some milkshakes for a bunch of kids. But I did make it to the grocery store, too. Oh, and my son enjoyed his egg-taco-bagel supreme. Another breakfast catastrophe averted.

So it’s been a good day. A great day, actually. Because this new face of dad stuff is dandy with me.

Shoutout of thanks to Philips Norelco for such a fun promotion. And while it’s an honor to be in the inaugural group of fathers, I just like being a part of the bigger community of dads. While I’ve been compensated by Norelco for my participation in this, my thoughts and feelings (and my soon-to-be-published recipe for my amazing egg-taco-bagel supreme) are all mine.





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