Like a Baby’s Butt

Posted June 29, 2012 by jimhigley

Thanks to the good folks at Philips Norelco for letting me play with some of their products the last several weeks as they’ve tried to convert me from straight-edge razors to electric. Did it work? Read on.

I’ve been taking a double-dog dare from Philips Norelco the last few weeks.

What’s the dare? The real question you should be asking is “What’s the double“?

Let me explain.

First for the dare. Philips Norelco asked me to try out some of their nifty electric razors for a few weeks to see if they could get me to switch over from the straight edge ritual I’ve used for the last thirty-some years. No strings attached. If I wasn’t a believer, I was free to share my thoughts.

The “double” part (and the part I don’t think they considered when asking me to join in the fun) is the fact that I’m not your typical face-only shaver. I also shave my head. Surprise! So, as far as I was concerned, this little challenge had a lot of convincing to do.

I was supplied with some cool, new products – namely their Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer and a PowerTouch electric razor. When they originally gave them to me, I was attempting to grow a National Hockey League Playoff Beard. But as you may have read, I’m not a beard-kind-of-guy. What I learned, however, was that I’m a stubble-kind-of-guy. So as for growing a bona-fide Playoff Beard, I kind of fell off the wagon but fell in love with their Beard Trimmer. Honestly folks, I think it’s one of the coolest guy-things I’ve ever owned.

That and my very awesome wrist-GPS which makes running way, way fun.

Anyway, back to the “double” part of the dare.

I’ll be honest, switching over from straight edge to electric was tough. Old habits are hard to break. Plus, as I’ve learned, your beard (and what’s left of the hair on your head!) takes a little while to adjust to something new. Kind of like when I switched from cow’s milk to soy milk. My taste buds needed a little training.

But this shaving switch was interesting – at least to me – for one main reason. I didn’t know you could shave with an electric razor in the shower! Or with water! Did you know that? Seriously, I remember trying to use my dad’s electric razor when I was a young boy and it was a dry-as-the-sahara experience standing over his bathroom sink.

And I remember a lot of neck rashes.

But this lathering up and shaving in the shower with an electric razor deal is pretty neat. My face is a cake walk (except for a couple weird spots on either side of my neck – but I believe I have some Teenage Werewolf DNA in my neck). But the real treat has been shaving my head. Seriously folks, I used to think I’d slice the heck out of the back of my head with a straight edge. Have you ever tried taking a razor blade to your backside?

Ain’t fun.

But shaving has actually gotten a little more fun for me lately. And I can honestly say I’m a convert. Truth is, now that this double-dog dare is over, I think I’ll use the electric razor on my head and switch back to my new love – the beard trimmer – for my face.

Smooth on top. Some stubble on the face.

That’s the way (uh, huh. uh, huh) I like it.

Thanks Philips Norelco. Ya taught this old dog a new trick. Woof.

Remember to stop by Philips Norelco’s Facebook Page to learn more and join in the discussion. And thanks again to Philips Norelco for this fun campaign. Rest assured, while they have shared some fun product and compensation with me, opinions are all mine.