Rubbing Elbows

Posted August 8, 2012 by jimhigley

I have to admit, it’s fun to rub elbows every so often with people who are famous.

I had one of those moments this morning when the friendly folks at Quaker asked me to stop by for an in-house presentation to a bunch of their razor sharp marketing folks. The topic was on tapping into bloggers and the blogosphere – something I’m pretty comfortable sharing my two cents to anyone who will listen – and I was part of a team of three invited guests to opine on the topic.

One of the other speakers was Andrew Shue. And for those of you who are thirty-something-years old and older, yes, I’m talking that Andrew Shue who graced all of our television screens as Billy in the hit television soap opera Melrose Place for about a half dozen years. I remember back when the show was in it’s prime thinking Andrew was one of those guys other guys wanted to dislike because, well, he seemed to have it all. Good looks. He was athletic. Heart throb. Well you know. But I have to admit, he was pretty good stuff.

Well today he’s deep into the blogosphere as one of the founders of a pretty amazing online web hub and community for moms called Cafe Mom. It’s huge. It’s about a gazillion million moms who are sharing an incredible amount of information, wisdom, and stories. They’ve also managed to turn it into an amazingly impressive business venture with a pretty cool model tapping into the coffers of brands who see the obvious benefit of working with this community.

So the guy I wanted to hate back in the nineties is also really smart. Very likable. And a downright good guy who loves being a dad.

But enough of him. Let me tell you who I’m excited to have rubbed elbows with.

Our other panelist was MJ Tam, editor of Chicagonista in Chicago. MJ has her hand in a plethora of social media companies and projects. And – on top of it all – she’s a mom to three cute kids.

What really pushed my “holy cow” button was when MJ shared that she got into the blogging world back in 1999. That’s the last century folks! What were you doing in 1999? I think I was still using a typewriter. With carbon paper.

I’m a clear rookie in this blogging world – with a claim to tenure that is less than three years. So when I bump into folks like MJ who were pioneers in this incredible, fast-paced and changing field – I stop and take note.

Recalling those early years, MJ said she still remembers the day when someone said to her, “So, you’re like a mom blogger, right?” And MJ thought to herself, “Is that good or bad?”

Trust me, MJ, it’s very, very good. As are you.

Social media royalty.