So Long to My Stanley Cup Stubble

Posted June 12, 2012 by jimhigley


This post is a sponsored by the kind folks at Philips Norelco who also sent me some of their men’s shaving products to play with over the last few weeks as we’ve all enjoyed the Stanley Cup and – for some of us – have attempted to grow a National Hockey League Playoff Beard. I love Norelco, for very personal reasons. If you’re curious as to why, read this

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings.

And while I admit I’m having a hard time imaging Lord Stanley’s prized Cup hanging out in the land of palm trees and sandy beaches (resentful Chicagoans can have really bad attitudes) I’m walking away with something better.

Namely a new attitude towards my face.

As I previously shared, I was part of a team of guys who were asked by Philips Norelco to have a little fun growing a Playoff Beard then fiddle around with it using a couple of Norelco’s products including a Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro and a PowerTouch electric razor.

I’m happy when I don’t have to shave. A funny departure from the 20-plus years I was a religious, daily shaver-with-a-straightedge kind of guy. But then again, I also spent 20-plus years wearing a suit five days a week.

The new and improved version of me (meaning I no longer have a job in corporate America) is much more relaxed. And over the last few years, I’ve grown to enjoy not having to shave on a daily basis. I’ve actually come to like a little stubble on my mug. Days three to six are the best. It’s that perfect sweet spot between looking like I forgot to shave and looking like Grizzly Adams.

But the downside – in the past – to days three to six is that they’re followed by day seven. And shaving off a full week’s growth to begin the process all over again stinks. Call me a baby. But it hurts. No matter how much lather and moist heat I’d use.

So my Stanley Cup Stubble – and my Philips Norelco toys – have been fun because I’ve discovered a brand new way to groom my face.

I’ll be honest. There was no way I was going to go an entire month or more without shaving. So the Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro caught my attention right away. It allowed me to stay in the Playoff Beard game while still keeping me groomed enough for my personal preferences. It’s like a lawnmower for your face. A really cool, handheld one. You set the trimmer to the desired length stubble you want (I’m still a conservative 2mm) and every couple of days just glide it over your face, chin and neck and you’re good to go. A 90-second touch-up for me is all I need.

And when I really want to look nice – like for a crazy day of grocery shopping or getting the oil in my car changed – I use the PowerTouch electric razor on my neck.

The next part of this challenge is to try out the PowerTouch razor on a regular basis for the next couple of weeks. So, I’m going to say good-bye to my new stubble look for a couple of weeks and hello to the look of yesteryear.

But under no circumstances will I be putting on a suit.

Remember to stop by Philips Norelco’s Facebook Page to learn more and join in the discussion. And thanks again to Philips Norelco for this fun campaign. Rest assured, while they have shared some fun product and compensation with me – the thoughts and stubble are all mine.