Airing My Laundry

Posted April 5, 2011 by jimhigley

What is it about a laundry basket that’s so funny?

I had a bunch of packages to get to the post office this morning and I needed to find something around the house to carry them in. So I grabbed the laundry basket that’s been sitting in the kitchen the last couple of days – tossing the assortment of dirty clothes and towels on the floor while I temporarily repurposed the laundry basket to help me get loot out of the house.

I use laundry baskets for a variety of things. Moving kids to college? Laundry baskets are a great way to move stuff. Getting that casserole from the oven to the baseball team potluck? With a towel on the bottom, a laundry basket is a great thing to transport it in. Easy way to organize a a kid’s collection of junk? Laundry basket (hereinafter referred to as “LB “). Organizing tools in your workshop? Try a couple LBs.

Honestly. I sometimes keep an empty laundry basket in the back of my SUV just to throw the balls, the junk, and all the crap that tends to roll, rattle, and jingle around. It works. And I think I’m pretty smart.

So why is it, when people often see me using my laundry basket for these extracurricular activities, they act as though I’m walking though the mall in my boxer briefs?

Standing in line at the post office today, the woman behind me couldn’t resist.

“Doing laundry today?” she said to me with a smug grin.

I smiled back.

“You know,” she proceeded, “they have trays here you can use to carry your mail in.”

“Oh, I know,” I replied. “But then I’d miss out on the Spin Cycle Bulk Rate Special.”

I have no idea what I meant.

Neither did she. But I gave her something to talk about.

  • Sara Jane Patty Howe

    Jim – I enjoyed this post – especially thinking about all the crates you used in the Durham CMD office! PS – the special crate closet is still in use!
    Jane Howe –

  • The Honourable Husband

    I had an Engish teacher in high school who would carry books and papers to class in a laundry basket. She had plastic vegetable bins in the back of her car to sort papers, too. We knew this, because it was a hatchback.