Dirty Dog

Posted January 3, 2013 by jimhigley


From the fun and foibles files of this Bobblehead Dad, I’m proud to be part of the new Clorox Bleach It Away program—celebrating those messy moments in life that come with kids, pets, houseguests and more. Clorox calls them “Bleachable Moments.” I call them a reality of life. I’ll be sharing of few of mine over the coming months and hope you’ll do the same by heading over to www.bleachitaway.com  for a chance to win $15,000! You’ll find more details at the end of my dirty dog moment!

It was the perfect storm situation for a muddy mess:

  • I had just walked into the kitchen from the basement carrying a basket of clean towels;
  • My Retriever, Lucca, gave me that “I need to go out” look as I was passing through the kitchen;
  • Glancing outside, I could see it was starting to sprinkle.
  • “Come on,” I said to him as I opened up the back door. “Hurry up before it starts to pour.”
  • I then realized that I forgot to start the load of darks that I had placed in the washing machine – so I ran downstairs while Lucca did his thing.

And the next 30 seconds was kind of like a slow-motion movie.

I heard footsteps. Then I heard the back door open. Then I heard the pitter-pat of Lucca. Then I panicked.

“Lucca!” I heard my son scream. “Stop!”

Then I screamed, “Stop! No! Don’t use those towels!”

And I sprinted, three steps at a time, up to the kitchen to try to stop my son from what I knew was happening in our kitchen.

But by the time I arrived on the first floor, the deed had been done. It was like arriving at a crime scene. Lucca was lying on his back. My son was kneeling over him cleaning off his muddy paws. With one of our white, monogrammed towels


“Sorry,” my son said. “I was just trying to help.”

Of course he was. The “H” on the towel obviously stood for “help.” And, truthfully, for a few brief seconds there were a couple of other things I thought it might stand for. But then I composed myself. And realized that it actually stood for “hilarious.”

And happy. As in “happy memories.”

Because, afterall, it’s just dirt. And I’m pretty handy in the laundry room.

Thanks Clorox. And thanks, son.

But next time, just a little reminder from Dad: there is a basket of rags sitting by the back door.

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My Bleachable Moment is embarrassingly true—and I’ve been compensated by The Clorox Company to share my messy moment as part of their Bleach it Away Program.