CES. The Acronym of All Acronyms.

Posted January 2, 2015 by jimhigley

Scenes from my kitchen. No staging. Real life.

Scenes from my kitchen. No staging. Real life.

I don’t do well with acronyms. Acronyms and numbers are my weak spot. Now you know.

The first time I heard “CES” I thought it was referring to a cool, hip, television show. I know. But I’m all about honesty lately.

“CES” actually refers to the “Consumer Electronics Show” – and I think it’s technically the “International Consumer Electronics Show” – which makes sense because it’s a most gargantuan gathering of businesses that thrive on the business of consumer technology. It’s the annual stage where next-generation coolness (spelled “I want that”) is displayed for the public. It’s held in Las Vegas the first of every year. And it’s insane.

Trust me. I went last year.

And this year I’m just plain old happy to announce that I’ll be there as a spokesperson – and voice – for Whirlpool.

I know, I know. You don’t need an introduction. That would be like saying, “Have you met your grandparents?”

When I sat down to start writing this, I thought about what I could share with you. Then I walked into my kitchen. The little kitchen I love. It’s the heart of our home.  I have a Whirlpool refrigerator, stove and microwave. And it registered with me is that what I need to write about is what’s in my heart.

I love my family. I have three children who are the stars and moon to me. They each go in different directions and have ever changing lives. They are getting older. They need me less and less. But no matter how old they get, I still am their #1 caregiver. We just celebrated the holidays. All together. And I was so happy to stock the refrigerator with food (between the four of us we prefer three different kinds of milk – a royal, and fantastic pain!). I baked Grandma’s special coffee cake. We tried a new (and successful!) recipe for tetrazzini!

Memories. This is love. This is caring for the people in your life.

And that’s why I said “yes” when Whirlpool asked me to be a part of the family at CES.

I know you know their products. But I’m not sure you know some of the messaging they are currently using to describe their mission:

Every day, care.

Nice, isn’t it? Catchy. But I’ve come to know the people at Whirlpool. And it’s not just a snazzy marketing phrase. It really encapsulates what they see their role as. They bring products to the world that help people care for those whom they love. In every day ways. Like making Grandma’s special coffee cake.

Or leaving a plate of meatloaf in the refrigerator for a very late first-baseman who missed dinner.

And doing that load of laundry in the wee hours because, well, because it needs to be done.

So I’ll be at CES – hanging out with the brilliant people of Whirlpool who bring you the wildly crazy technology of tomorrow. But more importantly the people who understand your life.

And the people who understand what and how we all care for the people we love.

Watch for my posts from CES this coming week. It’s going to be fun!


This post is part of a branded collaboration with Whirlpool – who has compensated me for my services. 








  • Angela

    I follow you because of Camp Kesem as my husband died of leukemia in September. Oddly enough, he was a Whirlpool employee. Whirlpool has been so amazing to me as a surviving spouse. They are a great company!

    • jimhigley

      That is such a nice note Angela. Thank you for following my writing! I’m so sorry about the loss of your husband – all of us at Camp Kesem send tremendous love to your entire family. Whirlpool is an amazing company. I love having the opportunity to work with them on occasion! 🙂