I (Heart) Facebook

Posted May 27, 2010 by jimhigley

I read something interesting on Facebook yesterday. I found out it was my 5th anniversary of being cancer-free. Who says Facebook is a waste of time?

I was fixing some dinner. Or at least I was doing my version of  “fixing” which involved warming up some frozen concoction from the freezer. And while I was “browning the chicken until the inner pink was gone,” I logged onto Facebook where I found a post made by my daughter.

“Congrats Dad! 5 years cancer-free! We love you!”

It took me a nano-second to realize she was talking about me. And, I had a small feeling of stupidity. Embarrassment, really. A dozen or so of her Friends gave the posting a “Like” and a couple people actually made comments. And there I was, the recipient of some Facebook attaboys, unaware of it all.

In my defense, I knew the date was approaching. I had actually mentioned it to the kids a few days earlier. I didn’t think about it again.

But I’m thinking about it now. I’m thinking about all that I have learned about myself in the last five years. I’ve learned that my cancer experience is different from the next person’s cancer experience. We all process and work through things differently.

For me, the most important take-away has simply been a deeper awareness of the day I am living. I value it. I stop and think about my reactions, my comments and how I spend my time. I’ve come to accept that events of yesterday can’t be changed but the events of the present can 100% be lived in ways that are positive. I’ve learned that some of the best moments in a day are the vanilla moments. Life doesn’t have to be a swirl of chocolate and sprinkles and whipped cream.

Vanilla can be very, very good.