I’m Bawling. Not Bowling.

Posted January 20, 2011 by jimhigley

In the last twelve months I have run a half-marathon, run a ten-mile race, and finished a full marathon. Slow? Yes. But I finished. And I finished without any significant injuries.

Maybe that’s why I am so incredibly frustrated as I sit here in the most pain I have endured in recent years – all thanks to my most recent athletic endeavor a couple nights ago:

I went bowling.

Isnt’ that sad?

I’m a substitute on our town’s Tuesday night mens’ bowling league. I’ve been a sub for several months. And I’ve been great at dodging requests from my team’s captain, Jim, to fill in here and there. But this last Tuesday I was available and figured “why not?” I hadn’t bowled in well over five years so, truthfully, I was a little nervous about my ability. Not to brag, but I kind of come from bowling royalty. My grandmother, Marge Higley, was the first woman inducted into the Womens’ Bowling Hall of Fame (I am so serious). Grandma Higley bowled well into her nineties and was a celebrity in the bowling world. Then there was my dad. He bowled in the Fremont, Nebraska Monday Knights of Columbus league. Maybe not the same as bowling royalty. But I do think he had one perfect game in his life.

So, I felt a little bit of pressure to perform.

When I rented my shoes, I made some comment to the young girl who handed me my size 12 snazzy shoes about my five-plus year sabbatical from bowling.

“You are going to be sore tomorrow,” she said to me. “Three games is a lot!”

I thought she was nuts.

The good news is I didn’t embarrass myself during those three games. And, I had fun with my teammates Jim, Hanson and Matt. So much fun that I was starting to wish I could join in the fun every week and not just be a substitute.

That was, however, until I started feeling a crippling pain in my calves two days later. Then I realized my shins hurt. Both legs. And my left knee now has a new “click.” And both ankles are kind of sore in this one weird place. On the top. Dead center. I also have the flu right now but there’s no way that’s part of this.

So, consider my return to the bowling circuit as short-lived.

Sorry Grandma. This Higley’s hanging up his bowling shoes.

  • ChopperPapa

    Its amazing how that happens, I can teach a 75 minute 'make you want to die' group fitness class and feel fine the next day. But go out and climb a tree and I'm in traction for a week.

  • nightowlang

    LOL. I used to be a bowler. I was on the high school team, which meant practicing as many as 5 games a day plus the matches, then I was on a league.

    I only do it randomly now and I hurt all over afterward. Also embarrassing is that since I still have my own bag, ball, and shoes people still expect me to be really good. Not so much.:)

  • Didactic Pirate

    And another great man is brought downvby bowling.

    This is the year I start doing stuff other than wandering around my gym, pretending I'm in shape. I'm looking at a 10k and a half-marathon later this year. I think I might die. Please tell me what you did to survive them.

  • Jim Higley is the Bobblehead Dad – writer, speaker, life observer and cancer warrior.

    @didactic! the trick to running (at least for me) is to use the interval method. It's really common at every race. Basically, you use a run/walk method (such as run for 6 minutes/walk for 1….or run for 3/walk for 1). There are great training programs out there for people who aren't really sure where to start. Totally serious. I'm a guy who couldn't run a mile 5 years ago. If you want some more input, drop me a note! Jim

  • M2, Esq.

    I don't know who this ChopperPapa is — but I'm right there with him. Figuratively AND literally. In fact — I'm gonna steal this blog idea. I went rollerskating. And nearly died.

    Sorry about the "click" in your knee. I'm sure you'll live. Jack LaLaane died yesterday — so I could be wrong.


    M2, Esq.

  • Andrea

    I went bowling (2 games) back in December with friends. My wrist hurt so bad for a week afterward. And I'm not even talking about the hand that actually threw the ball!

  • Jim Higley is the Bobblehead Dad – writer, speaker, life observer and cancer warrior.

    Andrea, maybe we all need to take up bridge!