My Cousin Sent Me a Package!

Posted December 30, 2011 by jimhigley

And I was really excited to receive it!

Not to sound like Debbie Downer (Doug Downer?), but the last few weeks have been rotten. And I’ve tried to lay low on all of it because, heck, it’s the holidays and no one really wants to hear my crummy junk. So I’ve just been quiet. Fortunately, the kids have all been home so we’ve had plenty of great distractions to keep ourselves busy.

One of those distractions was a few day getaway. All of us. Alone. It couldn’t have been better. The trip included skiing and plenty of outdoor activities for the kids while I hung out in the lodge and read, wrote, and made nice-nice with other folks.

The only downside to the trip came last night when I discovered piles and piles of dirty clothes hanging out in our upstairs hall – the final resting place my kids have kind of adopted for clothes that are either dirty, wet, wrinkled-and-they-won’t-wear-them, or too lazy to hang up.

Welcome home.

I don’t mind laundry. But last night, after arriving home and starting to get re-settled from our trip, I really didn’t want to think about chores.

Which brings me to the surprise package.

My cousin, Pam, is one of my closest friends. Maybe my closest. She’s the one person who always knows what to do, what to say, and how to make me feel. She’s also one of those people I can go a few months without talking to and pick right up where we left off. So when I started going through my mail – a few cards, some bills and catalogs – I was pretty excited to find one of those cushy, padded envelopes hand addressed to me. From my cousin, Pam.

Leave it to her to know I could use a pick-me-up. We don’t normally exchange Christmas gifts so this was something out of the blue. We have this form of cousinly ESP, you see. It never fails. And sure enough, it once again was proving true. I was so excited to open it up and see what she had sent.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?

That would be two pair of my youngest son’s underwear. And his bathing suit. All of which, apparently, he left at her home in California last summer.

There’s something funny in this situation. Really. I know.

If you find it before I do, however, please let me know.