Oh, Oh! O’Hare

Posted July 24, 2010 by jimhigley

My youngest son and I are being held prisoners at O’Hare International Airport against our will. We are supposed to be, at this moment, sitting in seats 13E and 13F heading westward to a long-planned trip to California. Instead, we’re enjoying a minimum of four extra hours here before American Airlines can figure out where exactly our aircraft is coming from. Seems to me they should have figured that out a long time ago, but who I am to question them?

So, to help us pass the time, we’re developing our suggestion list of things to help improve our stay. Perhaps someone at O’Hare might follow-up on these:

1. Movie theater.
2. Indoor minature golf.
3. My son’s bed. And furry blanket.
4. A special room for people who talk loud on their cell phones.
5. A special room for people who eat loudly.
6. A time machine allowing us to go back and capture some of the sleep we lost to get up early and come to O’Hare so we could just hang out.
7. A special room for crabby kids.
8. A special room for crabby adults.
9. A barber. For my son.
10. A personal assistant to go get the phone charger in our checked luggage since we now have no remaining charge on our phone.
11. Surprise encounter with Megan Fox (son’s request).
12. Dental floss.
13. Special room for people who clip their nails in public.
14. Guaranteed departure time. The unknown is the worst.
15. Special room for us (realizing, perhaps, we’re the issue here).
16. Chartered helecopter ride to any other airport within a 500 mile radius.

Stay tuned. The list keeps growing. We still have over three hours to go!