Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring.

Posted April 24, 2011 by jimhigley

Today is Easter. And around the world millions and millions of Christians – including my family – are celebrating the most sacred day of the year. But this isn’t a story about Christianity. It is, however, about a message I received while celebrating in church this morning. It was a message that literally involved a collision of millions of goose bumps up and down my back and the swelling of tears in my eyes.

Before the service, a small group of choir members strolled throughout the congregation with baskets full of tiny bells. They were targeting smaller children to take the bells, and join in – in unison – during one particular song during the church service. It was cute. And, of course, we chuckled as we pretended to volunteer my youngest – a teenager – to join in the troops.

Twenty minutes later – during a beautiful song – it was time for the chorus of bell ringers to chime in. And that’s also the precise moment I was taken by surprise.

As I looked across the pews, to the other side of the church, what I saw was not a sea of little people ringing bells. I saw a quilt of our world – college students, grandmothers, grandpas with canes, the man who looks like the guy who fixed my furnace, a mom – many of them…ringing their bells. And ringing them with joy. It was a rich, powerful moment – full of symbolism – that caught me off guard. All I could do was absorb. What I saw, and heard, was a reminder of how – through all our struggles, through all our worries, and even through all our differences – we, as a people, have reason to ring bells.

I think we should do it everyday. I think we should all be issued little bells to toss in our purse, our briefcase, or our backpack. And I think we should all just take a short break every once in a while and ring our bells. To celebrate. To be thankful. To spread a little joy.

And I think we’d all feel just a little bit better if we did.

That was my moving moment for the day. It made for an Easter I will never forget.

I hope you, too,  are having a wonderful day, as well. Regardless of your beliefs, your faith, your challenges or your struggles.

I hope you have reason to ring a bell. Often.

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  • Amy

    Amazing post. I can't even put into words what is going through my head right now. Thank you.

  • Muskrat

    Glad you had a happy Easter, Jim!

  • Footprints of Peace

    Inspirational moments are wonderful and often can be life changing. Great blog!

  • rearrangingatoms.com

    What a beautiful story. I'm taking a moment to think about the reasons I have for bell-ringing… 🙂 – Mylilhurricane

  • Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    In unison.
    Bells rung in unison.
    How often are we, as people, working in unison toward a common goal?
    Thank you.

  • Melissa McRae

    I am new here, but so far I have loved everything I have read. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • ChopperPapa

    And still, people claim God doesn't exist.