SkyMall Monday: Solution for Soggy Cereal

Posted October 17, 2011 by jimhigley

I shouldn’t have done it. But on my return flight from New York this weekend I was just too tired to do the work waiting for me in my briefcase. I had no interest in reading the book I’ve been carrying around for a few weeks. And there was no in-flight movie.

I had noticed that the lady sitting next to me had been intensely reading her SkyMall magazine for over 30 minutes. What could possibly be so interesting?

I resisted any temptation.

But then her 30 minutes turned to 42 minutes. And she was still smiling.

So I gave in. And spent the balance of the flight entertained. I found six or seven things worth sharing. But in the spirit of believing that waiting is half the fun of receiving, I’ll share one with you today.

It’s the “Original Crispy Bowl” – a device for those of us who don’t like soggy anything. Soggy cereal. Soggy cookies dipped in milk (although isn’t that the purpose of dipping?), or soggy crackers in our soup. It’s a bowl with two sections. One section is for the liquid du jour and one is for the treat to be dipped. So, as a novice, I believe what you are supposed to do when, for example, eating cereal is to 1) pour your milk in the first section and 2) place your cereal on the ledge in the second section. It looks like you introduce your cereal, one spoonful at a time, to the milk, thereby ensuring the perfect level of crispy cereal-mixed-with-milk each time. Ingenious!

They have a patented Swoop n Scoop feature to make “every bite crispy.”

A dandy idea. But I think this might be a hard sell with my teenage son. He’s invented his own “Swoop n Scoop” process.

First he takes a handful of cereal and shoves it in his mouth.

Then he takes a swig of milk from the gallon milk carton in the frig.

The best part? No bowl to clean up!