Posted January 11, 2012 by jimhigley

The setting sun tonight was rather breathtaking. I saw it (the photo above is compliments of my iPhone) as I was running into the Apple store at the mall near our house.

Breathtaking. I swear it was speaking to me.

We’ve been enjoying some pretty terrific weather during the past few weeks. I think I’ve only pulled out my legitimate winter coat a few times. And those times were at night. Nice, sure. But the problem is you start to get used to that kind of weather.

You run outside to get the newspaper in bare feet.

You forget that the dogs have been running around in the backyard for a couple hours.

You wear tennis shoes. Not fur-lined boots.

You grill. Often.

And you realize how much you hate winter.

But then the weatherman tells you to buckle down because a big storm is coming. The party’s over. It’s Last Call time. Someone’s about to flick on the fluorescent lights in the bar. And what’s waiting for you isn’t pretty.

So as I looked at that setting sun, I was conflicted.

I like a setting summer sun. Because I know within ten hours or so, I’ll see it again.

This sunset was more like watching a ship set sail. Off into the unknown seas to a better place.

Leaving us standing barefoot on the dock. Waving good-bye.