TGIF Means…

Posted August 20, 2012 by jimhigley

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Do you know what “TGIF” means? Yeah, yeah—I know what you’re thinking. But in our family, “TGIF” means three different things.

For starters, it means “Tailgating is Fun!” It’s as simple as that! Casual gatherings with people we love are our kind of thing. And there’s nothing like the welcoming environment of a tailgate before a sporting event, a concert, or even something a bit out of the ordinary like a wedding (yup!).

TGIF also means “Tailgating is Family!”  Who says you can’t have your own quick spontaneous tailgate party with the kids any night of the week? If your family is like mine, you spend a lot of time chauffeuring from one thing to another. And family mealtime often falls by the wayside. Well, with a little creativity and planning, you’d be amazed how much fun a quick 10-minute tailgate with the kids can be before that dinner-time soccer practice!

And more than anything, TGIF means “Tailgating is Friends!” because all it takes is one other person to pull together a great tailgating moment. You can make tailgating as complicated—or simple—as you want. And truthfully, all you need are some sandwiches, a bag of chips and some beverages and you have the basic ingredients for fun with friends!

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Join in. And remember: TGIF!


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