The Joke’s on Me

Posted April 1, 2011 by jimhigley

It’s April 1. April Fools’ Day.

But I’m not laughing.

When I was a kid, April 1 was the day I looked forward to annually with anticipation and jubilation. It was a day filled with fun pranks – like swapping out the sugar with salt. Or attempting to short-sheet a bed (I never could figure out how to do that!), removing all the toilet paper from the house or putting a fake mouse in Mom’s purse.

Fast forward to April Fools’ Day 2011, and those fun, innocent childhood memories of yesteryear seem like a lifetime ago. And therein lies the prank of the day: I’m realizing that they WERE a lifetime ago.

The pranks of today look a little more like this:

1. It’s 41 degrees outside. I’m sitting in front of a fire with the Cubs opener playing on WGN in the other room. Everything about the preceding sentence seems like an unbelievable wrong trick: The lingering cold, a roaring fire in April, and the beginning of baseball.

2. I still have a Christmas wreath on my front porch. And I hadn’t noticed it until a few days ago.

3. Spring Breaks – for all three kids – have come and gone and none of them involved anything that felt like “spring” or a “break.”

4. My oldest son is less than forty days away from graduating from college.

5. My youngest son is old enough to drive a car.

6. And the clincher joke came yesterday, as I was trying on some new clothes, and the sales clerk told me that one particular shirt made me look “ten years younger.” I didn’t know I had ten years of excess “look” hanging out on my body. (And, FYI, I bought the shirt. In three different colors.)

You get the point. The joke in my life – and not just on this day of foolish pranks – is the mere speed at which it is zooming by.

But I’m determined to not give in. So I’m slipping on my new shirt in hopes of recapturing a bit of the last decade which I seem to have lost. And while I do that, I hope you might enjoy this funny, G-Rated prank I just discovered on You Tube:

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  • Hygge Man

    Jim–loved the video, and I loved the teacher's "acting." He tried really hard and he did a great job.

    Our lives forever changed April 1, sixteen years ago when we welcomed our fist child. Today he turns 16 and we can't imagine live without him (or the others…).

    As always, thanks for sharing!