The Princess and the Pea – Retold

Posted December 7, 2010 by jimhigley

Remember that wonderful children’s story about the Princess and the Pea? Where the fair, young princess is so sensitive that the tiniest pea, placed a gazillion mattresses below her, disrupts and bothers her all night long?

Well, I’m not a princess nor does this story involve a pea. But something very tiny has caused me a great deal of discomfort. I’m not bragging, either. I’m a wimp.

Last night I had to log in a nine mile run as part of my training for the Austin Half Marathon in February. Now, the truth is, my “training” has been worth crap the last couple weeks with kids out of school, Thanksgiving, some good stuff I recorded on the television, it’s been cold, lots of football on the tube…well, you know.

Anyway, I got my nine miles done. On a treadmill because it was six degrees outside and, unless I could run with a big ole Thermos of hot chocolate, an outdoor run was not in the cards. But nine miles-even on a treadmill at my health club- still counts.

Back home, afterward, I built a fire, put on some sweats and my special nighttime socks and started to enjoy what was left of the evening. I was feeling pretty smug, too. After a long run, I don’t count calories. Anything in the kitchen is fair game in my book. So I pulled my body away from the fire’s warmth to build myself an enormous bowl of ice cream and – en route – managed to step on a nut that had magically appeared on my kitchen floor. I’m not talking nut as in a “bolt and nut.” I’m talking about the kind you eat. In a shell. The kind that no one ever eats in those holiday bags of mixed nuts. The angry, lonely nut.

Well, I hit this nut with direct force- right under my right heel which caused a pain that went bolting up to about my armpit. That was a nano-second before dropped flat. I honestly thought a knife had come upwards from the floor.

“Stupid,” I thought. So I got up and then realized I couldn’t walk on it. I couldn’t put weight on it! I pulled my body over to the refrigerator to pull out an ice pack so I could at least try to get rid of the pain. Cry baby. I know. I had just run nine miles! And, now, a nut took me down?

24 hours later and it still hurts. I’ve been walking around all day looking like I’m wearing invisible heels on my right foot. I’m not happy.

So, that’s how a fairy tale plays out in real life. When a pretty, young princess has a run-in with a pea, it’s viewed as a symbol of strength and sensitivity. But, when an old dad has a run-in with a nut?

It’s just sad.

  • goodfather

    Ow. As a former sufferer of gout, I know what it feels like to have severe foot pain. Hope it feels better…

  • Rachel Tiller

    I'm sorry but that was funny! I really do hope your feeling better!