O'Hare: The Friendliest Place on Earth!

Posted June 14, 2011 by jimhigley


Maybe she didn’t call it the “friendliest place on earth,” but my new pal, Shannon, sure made hanging out at O’Hare the other day a LOT of fun.

I was out there for a few hours on Monday signing books at all of the Barbara’s Book Stores with Shannon, the woman who’s kind of the Wizard of Oz behind all their stores. All six of them. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that Shannon’s the heart and soul of making all of the quaint, clubby-feeling bookstores the success they are. Did you know that their main store in the American Terminal is the NUMERO UNO airport book store in the country. One. The top! The big guy. That’s down right awesome.

I was doing my best to keep pace with her as she bounced around from store to store to meet all the great sales force who are nice enough to be promoting Bobblehead Dad during the summer months.

“I just love working in this airport,” she said to me as we were whizzing through Terminal K heading over to G. Or was it L to H? I don’t know, my head was spinning.  Considering the fact they have stores spread out EVERYWHERE, I’m thinking this girl is in need of some roller skates. Or maybe one of those personalized luggage carts that you see driving around under the bellies of the planes.

shannonAnd she also has a serious case of the smiles. The big, infectious kind that make you just feel good.

And on top of that, she’s fun. Where else can you grab an assortment of conversations ranging from “Toddlers and Tiaras”, best sellers, a very well known author who’s an absolute jerk (sworn to secrecy, sorry), sewing, cancer (her mom’s a survivor!),Chicago restaurants, a long list of “you’ll never believe the stuff we see at O’Hare, 911, “how’d a nice girl like you end in a place like this?”, why dog books are so dog-gone popular while know one gives a meow about cats, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

If this were Disneyland, she’d be Cinderella. Walmart? A young, energetic version of their oh-so-friendly greeters. A drink at Starbucks? I’d say she’d be a warm cup of hot chocolate with lots and lots of whipped cream.

The Friendliest Place on Earth? Maybe she didn’t say that.

But I will.

It was. Because of her.

Thanks, Shannon!


  • Gail Seymour

    That’s our Shannon.  She is the best.  Wouldn’t trade her for anyone.

  • Jim Seymour

    She is the best.  We like our daughter-in-law very much.  She is is the settling force in our son’s life.  Dad Seymour.

  • Randomer

    Shannon has always been rather awesome!

  • Bevriznik

    Thanks for sharing the article – “The apple nevers falls very far from the tree” – daughters are certainly a blessing from above – just saying!!