Skating with the Stars (?)

Posted November 30, 2010 by jimhigley

So Dancing with the Stars is over and, yes, I actually kind of like that show. The results show is a waste of time, but I really get a kick out of seeing people step outside their element and trying something new.

But now DWTS is over for another season. Jennifer Grey has a year of bragging rights. Bristol Palin has built an even bigger speaking platform for herself. And, that cute, chubby little kid from the Disney channel proved that you don’t have to be built like a gymnast to shake your booty all the way to the finals.

And I’ve got a void in my Monday night viewing.

So, tonight I tuned into the replacement show to DWTS, Skating with the Stars. I’m serious. DWTS is now SWTS. Yes, yes. It sounded stupid but I had to watch. Kind of like roadkill. And, it was bloody. I didn’t recognize any of the stars. None. Nada. One of them looked like a drug dealer. Or the cook at our local Denny’s. The balance of them didn’t register on my radar. That was the best part.

My youngest son walked in (busted!) about five minutes into the show.

“Are they making them skate tonight?” he asked as he was sitting down. He likes roadkill.

“No,” I tried to explain. “New show. Same format. Really dumb.”

And there we sat. The two of us. In awe over what we were watching. It could have been a skit on Saturday Night Live. As is. Unedited. Even the worst Argentine Tango on DWTS is pretty impressive in my book. But put a pair of  skates on someone and a blunder usually means they’re flat on their toosh. And then they have to get up. In tight pants.

“This will never last,” proclaimed my son. “Either that or they need to call it Snoozin’ with the Stars.

Hmmmmm. Now there’s an idea…

  • TQ

    Fox did this a few years ago… called "Skating with Celebrities (

    The funny thing: Fox had a higher caliber of "celebrity" for that show…

    All this makes me believe that ABC will soon retool "Celebrity Boxing" Did someone just say Mel Gibson comeback?

  • Jul (JulTweets)

    I'm not one for shows like this but when you referenced SNL it made me think of the skit with Chris Farley and Nancy Kerrigan. The network should just play that skit over and over. It will likely get better ratings than SWTS.

  • goodfather

    @TQ – nice. Although I don't think Mel is really much of a pugilist.

    Yeah, I couldn't make myself watch either show, even though I like Jennifer Grey, and I'm happy for her success.

  • jco

    first off, i'm mildly disappointed in you. dude, dancing w/ the stars? c'mon, man.

    but secondly, and more importantly, i became a fan of your book! can't wait til it comes out. keep up the awesome work…