The Green Whatchamacallit

Posted October 4, 2010 by jimhigley

It seems to me I was taught God has a name for everything in the world. EVERYTHING. Assuming that’s true, I’m hereby putting in a request for a quick 15 second chat with him/her to find out what you call that little, green plastic stick Starbucks uses to plug the hole in the top of their sippy lid (officially known, I believe, as the Solo Traveler Lid).

This topic started last week when I ran into my local Starbucks to get a coffee to go. As I was running back out to my car, I turned to the barista and asked if I could have “one of those little green plungers.”

She started laughing and asked me what I meant. After explaining to her that I just wanted the green stick, she gave it to me – only after telling me that she thought calling it a “green plunger” was the funniest thing she ever heard.


Today, at a different Starbucks, I asked the woman running the cash register for a “green stopper,” thinking that might be a better name. She, too, started to laugh at me. So I decided to dig in and ask her what she calls it.

“A green, plastic stick,” she replied.

“O.K., I’ll try that next time,” I told her. “I just never know what to call it.”

Then the male barista chimed in. “Why don’t you call it an Anti-Splash Stick!” <ha, ha, ha…> “Get it?”

Yes, I got it. I’m also trying to “get” how a company that says “tall” when they mean “small”, “grande” when they mean “medium” and “venti” when they mean “large” can’t help us loyal customers out with an official name that your staff understands.

In the meantime, I’ll comply with your local staff. It’s a green, plastic stick.

  • Eric

    Plunger works for me…

  • Anonymous

    Splash stick…I googled it 🙂

  • Sherah

    I agree, splash stick, I'm a shift at Starbucks and i call them splash sticks.

    ~Sherah 😉