“Jim moderated the fatherhood panel at our New York Baby Show – and what a revelation he was to me. Smart, compassionate, fair, wise – he’s just a great voice on matters of parenting. I know his nickname is Bobblehead Dad – but he has a lot to offer all parents, moms or dads.”  Eric Messinger, Editor, New York Family Magazine

“Listening to Jim’s lifelong journey with cancer moved and inspired our entire Imerman family. It’s a story that unwraps a roadmap we all can use to navigate through any adversity!” Jonny Imerman, Founder, Imerman Angels 1-on-1 Cancer Support / Livestrong Partner

“Jim’s story connects hearts to heads! Listening to his journey not only reminded each of us of our own life experiences – it also ignited a fire in our hearts to focus on the present and create new, lasting memories for those we love! Mary Beth Rice, Chairperson, St. Peter’s Literary Festival

I pack my presentations and keynotes with stories that serve as a call to action to people to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges and adversities, and believe there is value in every moment of their life. My own cancer journey has given me a clear message which has become the roadmap for my life and the foundation for my entire speaking platform.

I have extensive experience in speaking to groups of all sizes. I am at ease with a book club of 10, a school parent group of 100, a lunchtime service group of 150 or a corporate gathering of any size. I am grateful when I have the opportunity to speak to people whose lives have been impacted by cancer or any type of adversity. I have a spectrum of stories to share – depending on the specific goals of the group. What I can assure you is I will deliver a story that will move, motivate and inspire.

(Some of my most popular keynotes and general presentations are listed below – after my short sample video!).

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Also, this one page “Speaker Flyer” might be helpful to you. Please feel free to print and share!

A Universal Message

Equally adaptable to professional settings as it is to groups seeking an inspirational speaker for its audience, my message is relatable, relevant and pertinent to a broad range of audiences.

Some of my most popular programs for keynotes and general presentations include:

Confessions of a Bobblehead Dad: My Journey to Becoming an Available Parent.  This  presentation blends the best of all of my talks. While taking the audience through my personal journey of trying to be a good father, I share the rich nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned along the way. It’s a call to action for parents – in many ways – which draws from advice I’ve received from the numerous experts I’ve worked with on my radio show as well as from several “nooks and cranny” moments in my own life. It’s a talk that will give your parents tools to implement immediately.

Finding Value in the Vanilla Moments! Based on my own experience through my cancer journey, I share stories of the discovery of the life-changing gift that continues to influence every day of my life. Audiences walk away from this talk with a richer connection to their own life.

Improving Communications with Kids: Four “L’s”! Based on my personal experiences as a single father raising three kids alone – along with wonderful, direct input from experts I have interviewed over the years – this is a great, practical presentation for all moms and dads. Audiences will leave this presentation feeling they have new tools to put to work immediately.

Are You Raising Your Children With a Sense of Awe? This is a presentation that comes from my over 50 cumulative years of fatherhood – and from the viewpoint of a man facing a life changing illness. This talk will have audience members reflectively looking at their priorities, dreams, hopes and goals for their own family.

Live Your Life! Live Your Story! Based on my own personal experience of walking away from a 23 year career in corporate America to spend time with my children and pursue my dream of being a writer, this is a presentation packed with inspiration, practical advice, stories of persistence and how to live the life you were meant to live.

A Lifetime Waltz with Cancer. But I’m Still Dancing! From the age of 14 when I lost my mother, cancer has played a pivotal part of my life. It took my father, a young brother – and then made its attack on me. This is a very personal story of not only living through adversity, but thriving through it. I share intimate stories about loss, pain, fear and how to live a life free of  bitterness.

Stop Acting Like a Kid! Now Get to Work! Suitable for all businesses – this presentation weaves tales from my fatherhood vantage point – while drawing an amusing comparison to the work setting. This entertaining talk leaves the audience with tools to improve communication and team playing skills at work. And at home!

Contact me to talk about how I can best help! Additionally, this one page “Speaker Flyer” might be helpful to you. Please feel free to print and share!


Faculty Member Erma Bombeck Writers Worskshop (Dayton, Ohio)

Keynote Address North Bend Library Dedication (North Bend, Nebraska)

Presenter  Dad 2.0 Summit (Austin, Texas)

Presenter From My Mama’s Kitchen Speaker’s Series (Frisco, Texas)