Posted April 11, 2018 by jimhigley

Today’s scrapbook discovery is from 1950 (long before my time!). I found this in a box of my parent’s keepsakes – so it was taken two years after they were married. It’s their “first” television – and it had a note written by my father that said, “$10 down, $5 a week.” Curious, I Googled to find out what other items cost in 1950— check them out under the photo!

New House $8,450.00
Average Income $3,216.00 per year
New Car $1,511.00
Average Rent $75.00
Tuition to Harvard University $600.00 per year
Movie Ticket $0.65 each
Gasoline $0.18 per gallon
U.S. Postage Stamp $0.03 each
Granulated Sugar $0.85 for 10 pounds
Vitamin D Milk $0.84 per gallon
Ground Coffee $0.70 per pound
Bacon $0.50 per pound
Eggs $0.24 per dozen
Fresh Ground Hamburger $0.49 per pound
Fresh Baked Bread $0.17 per loaf