Laundry: The Ultimate “I Love You”

Posted January 30, 2016 by jimhigley

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 4.19.24 PMDoing laundry in in my genes.


Enjoying doing laundry is in my genes.

My mother could always be found in one of two places: our kitchen or our basement – where she daily pushed through mounds and mounds of dirty laundry. Five sons worth of dirty laundry. Five sons worth of dirty underwear, socks, uniforms, and everything else. She stripped – and washed – our bed linens weekly. And we always had fresh, clean towels.

After she died, when I was still a kid, my dad often talked about how she “washed a mean load of laundry.”

People would laugh.

It would ease the pain that everyone felt. The pain that comes when a young parent dies.

“She washed a mean load of laundry” was code for “she put love into everything she did for her family.”


I never once saw my dad within ten feet of our washer and dryer. Ever.

But in the days after Mom died, he did the unimaginable: he pulled himself up and tried to keep living. He was committed to raising his boys. Alone. Which meant that he had to quickly assume all domestic duties in our home.

Which included laundry.

And it was in our laundry room that I witnessed the incredible: it was where my dad healed.

I can’t really explain it. But I witnessed it. I witnessed the calmness that came to my dad when he did laundry every night. I witnessed the satisfaction he had. I witnessed the cathartic nature of laundry for him.

And over the years, I learned something else.

My dad washed a mean load of laundry.


So it’s no wonder that I have that same, unexplainable love of laundry.

Raising children is a marathon. And there are times when the journey seems impossible: paying for college, surviving the teen years, broken hearts and more. But within that long marathon of parenting comes daily successes. Like a reasonably nutritional dinner. A bedtime story with a happy ending. The grip of our child’s tiny hand within your own.

And laundry.


I had the fun job of hanging out in the Whirlpool booth at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. And one of the coolest things I saw was a Whirlpool washer that washes. AND DRIES!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.43.27 PM

It’s part of Whirlpool’s All-In-One Care™ system – which was created for busy families who, in the midst of the bedtime routine craze, forget that a gym uniform has to be done before school the next day. And now, with the “wash and dry cycle” families can wash and dry tomorrow’s outfit without having to transfer wet clothes into the dryer. 


Thanks Whirlpool , for sponsoring this story as part of my my CES series. Check out the CES section of their website to see what they’re planning for the kitchen of the future. #EveryDayCare