Never Too Old for a Father-Son Moment

Posted June 19, 2015 by jimhigley

Court time with my son, Kevin & NBA Legend Robert Horry. I'll let you figure out who is who!

Court time with my son, Kevin & NBA Legend Robert Horry. I’ll let you figure out who is who!

I’ve been to many “Father-Son” events in my life. And the most recent one made me realize that my son is looking less like my “son” more like the other dads in the room.


Last weekend I had the fun job of hosting and moderating two different “NBA Fantasy Camps” for a bunch of dads and their children – ranging in age from 5 to 15. The highlight of each 3-hour event was one-on-one time with NBA legend, Robert Horry who – after putting the dads and kids through a 90-minute workout – shared his thoughts about being a dad in a moderated Q&A with yours truly.

That was a big treat for me.

But the real treat for this dad was having son, Kevin, join me during the weekend experience.

“Sounds fun, Dad,” Kevin replied when I invited him to accompany me a few weeks ago. “But I think we’d look ridiculous running drills on the court with a bunch of ten-year-olds and their dads.”

You know you’re getting old when your own children have a clearer perspective on reality than you do.


So with a firm promise from me that he could be a bystander – and simply watch the kind of projects his old man has the fun of working on with Dove Men+Care – who put together the once-in-a-lifetime experiences for a bunch of dads and their kids – Kevin said “yes.”

It was a perfect father-son win.

I got to be with my son. And my son got to meet Robert Horry.


I’ve been doing this dad thing for almost 26 years. And I’ve been through the roller-coaster of current parenting trends and hot buttons. I’ve felt like a terrific dad. A confused dad. A disaster of a dad. A “high-five” dad. As well as a doubtful dad.

And the thing I come back to over and over again is the importance of grabbing every moment we are given with our children. From the second they make their voice heard in the delivery room. It’s all about moments.

Mostly small moments. The daily moments. Because it’s within those moments that our parent-child relationship is strengthened.

Interestingly, in my private chats with Horry, he said the same thing back to me. For all seven of his championship rings – what he values most is every single moment he is given with his children. Dad-talk is the same globally. Even if you’re an NBA legend.


So Kevin, thanks for giving me yet another moment as your dad. I know the highlight of the day for you was meeting a pretty cool NBA superstar.

But someday you’ll understand  – when you’re a dad yourself – that the real highlight for fathers like me is simply being given the privilege to be your dad.


And for a cool reminder about the beginning of this fatherhood journey for many of us, enjoy this: