Open Enrollment! The “Eyes” Have It!

Posted November 1, 2015 by jimhigley


Who says good eye care can’t be fun?

If you know me, you know that I’m alive today because ten years ago – during a routine physical – I had a simple blood test that ended up saving my life. That’s why, today, I’m passionate about the importance of being smart about health – and practicing preventative health practices. That’s also made me pretty picky about who I partner with when I speak about health issues. So that’s why I’m proud of this project I’m doing for VSP – the nation’s only not-for-profit vision care company. They asked me to get you excited about Open Enrollment Season – and convince you to select “Vision Care” as one of your options. Don’t think I can do it? Give me two minutes. This post may just save your life.  (And you could also win a super fancy pair of designer sunglasses. Details at the end of the post. Boom!).


Open Enrollment Season.

Those three special words.

I know. If you’re like me, you hear those three words and you think, “What the heck are you talking about?” But work with me, won’t you? I’m a guy who loves words. I love the meaning behind words. And I’ve come to understand that “Open Enrollment Season” has a lot of meaning – and some important life decisions – for each of us.

Open Enrollment Season is that time of year when many of us are given the opportunity to go through the process of choosing medical plans, opting in or out of dental and vision coverage, and deciding on FSA contribution levels. On the surface it can feel like another human resources transaction. But in reality? Hold on to your hats my friends. It’s so, so much more.

The good folks at VSP  recently conducted a national survey to learn more about people’s thoughts about the Open Enrollment Season. Here’s a few of the highlights (and my responses to the findings!):

Survey Says: Respondents ranked their preference for Open Enrollment Season behind Tax Season. But ahead of Cold and Flu Season

Wait. What? You prefer tax season to Open Enrollment Season? I’m not a financial advisor – but the potential to save precious money with smart, well-informed choices about insurance is way more fun than tax season. Last year, my vision insurance alone paid for itself – and then some.

Survey Says: Most respondents reported “no particular feelings at all” toward Open Enrollment. But of those who had some feelings, twice as many chose the words “annoyance” or “dread” over “excitement” or “eagerness.”

I get it. On the surface, spending time thinking about insurance coverage for your health, vision, or dental may not seem all that exciting. But the truth is, they’re all important, including vision insurance. And your eyes are the window to so many health issues – with costs to you that are (comparatively) small. Even if you don’t think you have vision problems, an annual eye exam can detect so much more…like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and so, so much more. That, for me, makes me excited!

Survey Says: Most respondents said they would rather go grocery shopping or watch a documentary than complete Open Enrollment. But they say that completing Open Enrollment has more appeal than cleaning a teen’s bathroom.

I actually agree with this one (says the guy who secretly has cleaned my teens’ bathroom hundreds and hundreds of times). As a parent, we do many things just because it feels right. Or because we love our kids. But speaking of kids (if you have them), vision insurance is super important coverage for them to have, isn’t it? If they need help (or have other issues) don’t you want to know early?

Survey Says: Over half the respondents said that – when making their choices for Open Enrollment – they either guess of just chose the same thing they had the prior year.

Been there. Done that. But in the amount of time many of us use drinking a cup of coffee – a well-informed choice is at our fingertips. Read on!

Survey Says: Respondents say they are more confident about their independent insurance decisions (like auto and home insurance) than they are with regards to Open Enrollment decisions.

You’re on the internet already, right? So take five minutes to educate yourself about vision insurance. From any provider. Learn about it. Understand it. Grab a cup of coffee and visit to learn much, much more about eye health and how to evaluate your vision benefit options.

There. My work is done. So I’ll leave you where I began – with those three special words

Open Enrollment Season.

The next steps are yours (and remember Step 4 could win you a free pair of designer sunglasses!)


Your next steps?

1. Learn more about the VSP national survey

2. Get better informed about Vision Health Insurance and Open Enrollment

3. Check the box for Vision Insurance during Open Enrollment season!

4. Enter to win a free pair of designer sunglasses. ENTER HERE!