Podcast: Tips for Raising Emotionally Resilient Kids!

Posted February 16, 2014 by jimhigley

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In today’s show, we explore the spectrum of our children’s emotions with Julia Simens. As an educator, speaker, author and consultant, Simens has a gold-medal global perspective on children and parenting. Over the last 20 years, she and her family have navigated eight international relocations which has provided her the opportunity to work with over 8,000 families on five continents. It’s helped her understand the similarities of emotions children share around the globe.

“Does your child bounce back after a problem – regardless of what it is?” asks Simens. “If so, that’s a great sign of emotional resilience.” She further explains that having emotional resilience is part of a bigger skill set of understanding and experiencing what it feels like to be comfortable with a wide variety of emotions. And that, unfortunately, is a skill many people never learn.

Simens explains the four basic emotions common worldwide: happiness, sadness, fear and anger. She also discusses why one of those four emotions is seldom taught by parents to their children. Do you know which one of those four she’s referring to?

You may be surprised!

Simens also provides fascinating observations about how boys emotions work differently than girls. And she gives parents an eye-opening technique for helping boys discuss emotions in a manner different than girls.

Join in the conversation today. You’ll walk away with more knowledge to tap into your own child’s emotions. And you may just learn a little bit about yourself along the way!

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