RADIO: Emotional Intelligence for Men (and Women!)

Posted January 16, 2012 by jimhigley

Today, we are joined by the highly entertaining and insightful Brooke Miller. Brooke is a licensed psychotherapist and a nationally published advice columnist. She’s founder of Soapbox Therapy – an extraordinary online portal providing a breakthrough approach to emotional well-being. She likes to refer to it as “emotional intelligence.”

Brooke explains, “Emotional intelligence is the ability to notice things, understand things and piece things together. It’s the ability to process your situation, others and yourself – the good and the bad – and understand why things are happening and how your actions can impact that situation.”

The result can be very positive. For you. And others.

Today’s show is full of terrific techniques that every guy should know to be a better communicator with his partner. It’s a great show for men and women who are stuck in a rut or just aren’t connecting the way they used to.

Join in and hear a bit of Brooke’s wisdom. She’s smart. She’s witty. She’s relateable. And you’ll walk away with some great ideas.