Bobblehead Break: Craig Hodgson: From the UK’s

Posted September 5, 2011 by jimhigley

Craig and Kathryn, with kids Ellen and Logan, on holiday in Paris

I recently took a Bobblehead Break with Craig Hodgson,  founder of Craig and his wife, Kathryn are raising ten-year-old (and, I’m told very artisitc!) Ellen and her characterful, two-year-old brother, Logan. Like most dads, Craig’s got many fires burning.  An IT guy, he launched dadzclub after he realized he and his fellow UK dads really didn’t have a good online resource for networking and tapping into dad-focused information. He’s a good chap and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his website. And be sure to listen to my radio show, Bobblehead Dad on WebTalk Radio, for a great interview with Craig. You’ll feel like you took a 30-Minute Field Trip across the Atlantic! The show is titled “What’s New With Fatherhood in the UK?”

1. Where’d you grow up? Dumfries, Scotland

2. Any siblings? One brother, much older than me (15 years difference) – sadly passed away recently after a long battle with cancer.

3. Where do you live today? Farnham, an hour outside of London.

4. Any good childhood nicknames you care to share with us? My big bro called me his “Little Cyster” as my mum’s pregnancy was first diagnosed as an ovarian cyst!

5. My best childhood birthday was: When I was given a ‘fold-away’ pool table at the age of 10 – played on

that for hours and got quite good. Challenge you to a game one day! Maybe have a “dadzclub’ pool challenge?!

6. Favorite childhood teacher: Mr. Dalling – a geography teacher – first teacher at high school to realise my genius! (joke!). A really good guy that genuinely cared about the kids he taught.

7. When I was a kid my bedroom: was my sactuary!

8. One word to describe your dad: Respected.

9. Two words to describe your mom mum: Sweet. Strong.

10. I’m similar to my dad because: I want my children to feel supported throughout life and to know that they can go try and fulfill whatever dreams they have.

11. First thought when you held your oldest: “I’m going to faint!”

12. Hush little baby don’t you cry, daddy’s gonna buy you: Your first pint when you are old enough to drink! 😉

13. My kids call me: The coolest dad on earth! Genuinely.

14. When I dress the kids: The tops and bottoms don’t always match or look as stylish when mum dresses them.

15. Pick-up or Convertible: What’s best for two kids and a Basset Hound?

16. I knew I was an adult when: I cut the umbilical cord.

17. My favorite T.V. dad: Was the dad in the old TV show Rosanne. Or Bill Cosby.

18. I’m proud of: my family.

19. The best time of the day: Sunday morning breakfast.

20. Best “dad” advice you’ve ever received: Listen to others opinions but form your own.

21. Your old standby game to play with kids: Tickle time.

22. Any good imitations or voices? Homer Simpson- of course!

23. I always tell my kids: “I love you.”

24. My kids always laugh when : I make up words to songs on the radio.

25. When I’m away from my kids: I can’t wait to get back to them. And my wife.

Hop over to, Bobblehead Dad on WebTalk Radio and search for Craigs’s interview titled “What’s New With Fatherhood in the UK?