Bobblehead Break: John Donohue

Posted November 22, 2011 by jimhigley

Dad to two daughters, John Donohue knows his way around the kitchen.

I recently took a Bobblehead Break with John Donohue, cartoonist, writer, New Yorker editor and author of the new book, “Man with a Pan.” I like John. I like his approach to fathering, his kids and his world. After you enjoy a little insight into John, the dad, I hope you’ll stop by Bobblehead Dad Radio to enjoy more of my interview with him!

Where’d you grow up? Grew up in suburban New York

Any siblings? If so, where’d you fit in? I’m the second youngest of five. Two brothers and two sisters.

Where do you live today? Brooklyn

My siblings: Did their own thing

When I was a kid: Supervision and nurturing were lacking

Family vacation that deserves a redo: Months on the shore.

One word to describe your dad: Remote

Two words to describe your mom: Busy. Practical.

I wish I was more like my dad in the way he: Single-handedly earned a middle-class income.

First thought when you held your oldest: I now know what love is.

When I first found out I was going to be a dad: I went for a run.

Going rate for the tooth fairy: $2

The back seat of my car: Always surprises me with the amount of Cheerios that can hide in the seat cushions.

Pick-up or Convertible? Subway

Pop Tarts or fresh fruit? Never once had a Pop Tart and I’m taking that accomplishment to the grave.

Number of hours you sleep each night: Never enough

Patience is: At a premium.

Laughing is: Life.

I’m proud of: Getting up in the morning.

The best time of the day: Morning, noon and night.

Most awesome “Dad” moment in the last 24 hours: My four-year-old saying, “It’s fun to learn about the world,” when I asked her what it felt like to be out in lower Manhattan after dark.

Favorite movie to watch with kids: Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang

Favorite TV show to watch with kids: Don’t watch cable. Hardly touch the stuff.

I always tell my kid(s): What I’m feeling.

The hardest part of parenting that no one told me about… How it rips you right back in time to your own childhood.

When I’m away from my kids… I miss them.

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