Bobblehead Break: Mark Clement

Posted August 1, 2011 by jimhigley

I recently took a break with Mark Clement, a wonderful man who has dedicated his career to kids. Mine. Maybe yours. And thousands upon thousands of others – many who are now parents themselves. Mark is the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning for the Oak Grove school district in suburban Chicago. He’s had nearly 25 years experience in academia and, until recently, served as principal of the Oak Grove school system for 14 years. Mark’s dad to five great kids ranging in age from two to 23. You can find him on Twitter at @mclement21 of read along on his personal journey in his blog.  Be sure to listen to my radio show, Bobblehead Dad on WebTalk Radio, for more of Mark and his words of wisdom on helping your junior high students THRIVE! There are actually two interviews – one dealing with academic success and the second exploring social success. I’m sure you’ll find both of them terrific.

1. Where’d you grow up? Libertyville, Illinois

2. Any siblings? If so, where’d you fit in?   Two sisters! I’m the middle child.

3. Where do you live today? Round Lake with my wife.

4. My siblings:  Debbie and Roni

5. Ever break a bone?  I have broken fingers, ribs, shoulders, nose, wrists, collarbones. Want more?

6. When I was a kid my bedroom: Had the coolest homemade bunk beds! Thanks Dad!

7. One word to describe your dad: Honest

8. Two words to describe your mom: Patient. Unconditional.

9. I wish I was more like my dad in the way he: Was completely sacrificial for his family.

10.  When did you become a dad? November 1, 1987

11. Tell us about your family today:  I am happily married to Nicole and have five children. Sean-23, Ryne-19, Aubrey-16, Jacob-4 and Joshua-2

12. Family dinners: Are very important family time where our most meaningful conversations and reflections take place.

13. Pick-up or Convertible? Convertible

14. Any grilling specialties? I make my own dry rubs for seafood steak and pork.

15. I’m proud of:  All my children

16. The best time of the day: is the moment I walk in the door after a long day of work.

17. I always thought I’d grow up to be: a professional baseball player.

18. Favorite movie to watch with kids: “Cars” or “Cars II”


19. Any good imitations or voices? Sid the Sloth from Ice Age

20. I always tell my kids:  Work hard. Play hard!

21. My kids spend way too much time:  Texting.

22. The hardest part of parenting that no one told me about:  Understanding when to “let go” and when to “reel in.”

23. I hope my kids never forget:  They are deeply and unconditionally loved

Hop over to, Bobblehead Dad on WebTalk Radio and search for Mark’s two interviews on helping your kids thrive in junior high!  The interviews are both titled: “Helping Your Junior High Child THRIVE!” (the first interview deals with academic success and the second interview deals with social success).