Bobblehead Break: Rob Jolles

Posted November 14, 2011 by jimhigley

Rob Jolles is a funny guy. And a very wise man.

My newest Bobblehead Break is with Rob Jolles, a highly sought-after sales training consultant and author. Rob’s a fun, motivating man who’s learned a lot over the last thirty years of being a road warrior. If you haven’t had a chance to be inspired by him in-person, you should check out some of his weekly words of wisdom. I think you’ll enjoy learning about Rob, the dad, in this fun Bobblehead Break. When you’re done here, check out my great radio interview with Rob on WebTalk Radio.

1. Where’d you grow up? Silver Spring, Maryland

2. Any siblings? If so, where’d you fit in? I’m the youngest of four

3. Where do you live today? Great Falls, Virginia

4. My siblings: Sharon, Jeff and Richard

5. I’ll never forget: Jumping into a fish pond at four years old and saving my dog, Petey. It was in the middle of winter, and somehow despite wearing boots, and a massive winter jacket, I got in and got him. I was terrified I would get in trouble but instead was embraced by my parents as a hero. I’ll never forget it.

6. Any good childhood nicknames you care to share with us? Tons. Bur Head, Broadway Rob, The Rocket, Five Card Rolles, and the list goes on and on.

7. Favorite childhood teacher: Robert Ramoy. He saw something in me no one else did. He pretty much forced me into auditioning for a show he was directing, and it ignited a love of performance I’ve never lost. That was over thirty years ago and we are friends to this day.

8. One word to describe your dad: Hero

9. My dad was: The most important person in my life. He was my friend, my mentor, and my hero.

10. I’m similar to my dad because: he taught me that the more success a person enjoys, the greater responsibility they have to help the less fortunate.

11. First thought when you held your oldest: I’m the luckiest man alive.

12. When I first found out I was going to be a dad: I cried.

13. My kids call me: Their friend.

The Jolles Family. Less Dad.

14. My kids are happiest when: they are performing. Just like their dad.

15. Pick-up or Convertible? Convertible

16. Pop Tarts or fresh fruit? Really? Fresh fruit.

17. My favorite T.V. dad: Robert Young. Father Knows Best

18. Laughing is: one of the most important moments in life,

19. I’m proud of: being the son of Lee Jolles.

20. Best “dad” advice you’ve ever received: Don’t bully your children. Treat them with respect.

21. Favorite movie to watch with kids: Defending Your Life. If you watch it, you’ll know why.

22. Favorite TV show to watch with kids: Survivor. Amazing social lessons are on display

23. Any good imitations or voices? I do a pretty darn good Jerry Lewis.

24. I always tell my kid(s): I love them.

25. The hardest part of parenting that no one told me about… is when your children graduate and pursue their dreams…in another town.

Hop over to, Bobblehead Dad on WebTalk Radio and search for Rob’s interview titled “Lessons – and Laughs – From a Road Warrior.”