Podcast: Dads & Daughters & Jeff Bogle

Posted March 23, 2014 by jimhigley

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Today we’re talking with Jeff Bogle, dad of two daughters and one of the best writers (Out With the Kids) out there.

In a recent story in Huffington Post celebrating Jeff’s oldest daughter’s 10th birthday, Jeff shared his sentiments about what it means to him to be a dad:

“We like to think of ourselves, us parents, as the sculptors, but really, it’s our children who are molding us, accentuating our strengths and forcing us to reckon with our shortcomings. If we are open to the experience, we will become better people as we parent. This is exactly the gift my first daughter gave, and continues to give, to me…”  

As a dad of a daughter myself, I invited Jeff stop by and get some “raising a daughter” talk going – so today we’re covering a lot of ground:

  • #BanBossy (and be sure to see Jeff’s story on other words that merit banning!)
  • Matt Walsh and his controversial position on “My Little Pony” – and boys.
  • When and why to talk about “beauty” with daughters
  • Why – according to research – dads of daughters feel less “Gender Stereotyping”
  • A new trend, called “Purity Balls” (yup, it’s about virginity)
  • And much, much more supporting why we think daughters rock.

Stick around, you’re going to like this show.

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