Podcast: Kids & Stress & Helping Everyone Navigate Through It!

Posted April 8, 2014 by jimhigley

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Success in high school starts years earlier – so this is a show for parents with kids of all ages.

Kids often tell their parent that life is so much more stressful today than in the past. And  you know what? There’s some truth to their feelings! The reality is that kids today have different stresses. And the stakes that are involved are much, much highter.

In today’s show, we explore the world of today’s high school teenager with “Dr. G” – Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a board certified family physician, mom of four and professional parenting speaker.

Dr. G. helps us understand some of the critical roles parents still need to be providing children during the high school years. She talks about how many parents feel of loss of “empowerment” and what can be done about it! She provides practical advice on giving children more privileges as they take on obligations and demonstrate maturity.

And most importantly, she talks about the importance of communication and respect during the high school years – and why it’s so much easier to have strong communication when parents build respectful communication with their children when they are younger.

This show is full of great, practical advice for parents of kids from tots to tweens.

Join in. Class is in session!

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