Podcast: Lighting the Spark Inside Your Child!

Posted February 11, 2014 by jimhigley

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If you read nothing more today, please read this statistic: When a child has one caring adult in their life, their level of confidence in the classroom increases 65%.


Is that not an extraordinary statistic? Does that not give you – as an adult – a sense of having an incredible “super-power” of sorts to support the children in your life?

Today, we’re joined by Tara Brown, a wise, thoughtful educator who has spent over 25 years supporting children, their parents and teachers. She’s known as the Connection Coach to many. But I like to think of her as the Teen Whisperer because she brings a very special gift to relationships with our teens.

In today’s show, Tara talks about the importance of helping your child find their own special “spark” – that thing or things that excite them beyond their wildest dreams. She’ll talk about the benefits to kids who are raised believing that they CAN find and live their dreams – and that they have parents and adults who believe in them and support them through their journey.

Tara shares examples of high-profile parents who have done it right and have dared to be courageous in supporting their children. And she’ll give you five specific things you can do to help light that spark!

So stick around. No matter what your child’s age, you’ll learn a lot!

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