Podcast: You Need to Laugh More With Your Kids!

Posted May 18, 2014 by jimhigley

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Today’s show is sure to do two things: Make you laugh. And make you think about laughing!

We’re talking about the importance of laughing with Dr. Anthony DeBenedet, author of The Art of Roughhousing.

Current research confirms that there are numerous health benefits attributed to laughing including lower blood pressure, increased tolerance to pain and – most importantly – a reduction in stress. As parents, a better understanding of the value of laughing – for ourselves and with our children – can be one more tool to living a happy, healthier life.

Children laugh a lot. About 300 to 400 times a day! The average adult laughs about 20 times a day! We’ll talk about the causes and implications of that dramatic reduction over a typical life. We’ll also discuss:

  • How simulated laughter provides the same benefits of spontaneous laughter
  • Why you need to integrate more laughter into your family’s life
  • How to do a DIY Laughter Festival!
  • The results you will enjoy if you lighten up and use some humor in your daily interactions
  • How laughter can be a bonding element between a parent and child
  • What you can do if you don’t think of yourself as a “funny” person

So stick around. This promises to be a fun time!

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