Podcast: NYT Best Selling Author Bruce Feiler!

Posted November 8, 2013 by jimhigley

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Boy am I ever happy! Today’s guest is New York Times best selling author, Bruce Feiler.

Bruce’s newest book, The Secrets of Happy Famiies, is a new kind of playbook for modern-day families. And he’s here today to share some of the research behind his newest smash hit.

This isn’t your typical parenting book.

Rather than turning to traditional family experts, Bruce – a trained investigative reporter – looked to new sources including the most creative minds in business, sports, technology, television and the military for advice. He asked them what cutting-edge techniqes from their professional lives they used with their own families. Then, with Bruces’s trademark humor he took those ideas home and test drove them with his wife and kids.

Want some new advice regarding allowances? Bruce went and talked to Warren Buffett’s team. Need creative ideas for resolving conflict? How about turning to the Harvard handbook for conflict resolution? And you’ll never guess what advice the Green Beret’s bring to your family table.

This is a fun interview. Stick around!

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