Podcast: Raising and Surviving Your Terrific Tweens!

Posted October 27, 2013 by jimhigley

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The words ‘terrific” and “tweens” can go together and this show is going to give you tips you need for making your kid’s tween years outstanding.

We’re joined today by Renee Garcia and Susan Galvin, both clinical social workers who have writtent he must-have book: Don’t Look at Me in That Tone of Voice: Tween Discipline for Busy Parents.

It’s a great show with lots of tips including:

  • How to maintain a connected relationship with your tween
  • Why respecting your tween’s viewpoint is important
  • Why it’s important to have fun with your tween!
  • The changes occuring in your tween’s brain
  • Why the tween years are an important part of your child’s development
  • Ideas for modifying your disciplining tactics

I hope you’ll stick around. This show will give you lots of great parenting tips -regardless of your children’s ages!

References from this Podcast:

Information on Renee Garcia

Information on Susan Galvin

Their book: Don’t Look at Me in That Tone of Voice: Tween Discipline for Busy Parents

Elementary school class outside






Elementary school class outside

  • Kari

    this podcast was frustrating to listen to on headphones. Terrible audio quality and perhaps the volume of bobblehead dad relative to his expert guests is indicative of his overall vibe. He often cut them off and rather than building on whay they shared, took the discussion in his own direction. A few good tidbits, but even the 60 seconds of tips for adjusting discipline is primarily him giving anecdotal stories. That was one of the primary reasons kept listening, and was left feeling disappointed.