Podcast: Why Roughhousing with Kids is RIGHT!

Posted March 9, 2014 by jimhigley

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If you think roughhousing is wrong and that you have to halt all horseplay, then think again! This is a show your won’t want to miss! Today’s guest is Anthony DeBenedet, co-author of The Art of Roughhousing: Good-Old Fashioned Horseplay and why Every Kid Needs It. This is a book that promotes the scientific reasoning for moms and dads to get down on their knees, toss out their inhibitions, and do some serious playing with their kids. You’ll hear why roughhousing will make your kids smarter and how it nourishes their emotional and physical health.

Horseplaying with parents, when done with thoughtful intent, can help children learn self-control, strengthen their emotional dimmer-switch, teach them trust, experience empathy, and fine-tune self-handicapping skills. The added bonus? It’s fun for the kids!

“There’s a fine line between roughhousing and aggression,” says DeBenedet, explaining how “roughhousing” with parents can teach children the difference between safe “rough” play and the unhealthy, dangerous brand of roughhousing – a prelude to bullying. DeBenedet shares how to figure out your child’s “peak arc” of energy, how you can help them control their emotions, and how you can use roughhousing as a “tool” to help your child on the playground and at home.

Do children get the same benefits from sibling roughhousing as parental roughhousing? DeBenedet shares his thoughts on emotional intelligence and “self-handicapping.” You’ll hear how to keep your children safe – even if they have a large age difference – and how you can keep playtime from becoming “bullying” time.

“What are we doing when kids are playing” asks DeBenedet. In an era where you can check your e-mail from your cell phone, many parents find themselves distracted when they don’t even know it! Are you missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your kids?

A little controversial? Perhaps. But at the end of the day, this is a message that is all about connecting with your child, building a bond, and giving your child skills to last a lifetime. Tune-in!

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