Podcast: Tips for Having “The Talk” With Kids

Posted March 16, 2014 by jimhigley


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Today we talk about “The Talk.” Yup, THAT talk. And we’re joined by Katie Malinski – a licensed child and family therapist who runs workshops around the country for moms and dads on this very important topic in every child’s development.

In truth, the “Talk” is actually a series of discussions and conversations you need to have with your child from a very early age. In today’s show, Katie will help moms and dads understand:

  • The importance of understanding how our own parents taught us about this subject
  • The implications to our kids if we don’t openly share information
  • When and how to begin the conversation
  • The one, most imortant theme to introduce to our kid
  • What to do when we find our kids exploring their own sexual curiosity
  • What to do if one parent is really uncomfortable discussing this topic with kids
  • The continuum of conversations you need to have with your child

So stick around! We’re got lots of great inforamtion to share with you!

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