A Tale of My 3 Mo Sistas

Posted November 30, 2011 by jimhigley

Lisa Kolodny (Johnson) and her husband, Seth (wearing what is now my favorite T-Shirt)

I love how connections work. I also love being reminded about goodness and good people.

This is a short story about three very special women. Over the last month, they have quietly helped spread the important message of Movember – a worldwide campaign to raise awareness and funds for prostate and testicular cancer and other men’s health issues – to millions.

Follow my game of connect the dots.

1. I have two very close friends, Jonny Imerman and Matt Ferstler. Both guys are testicular cancer survivors and global voices in the area of testicular – and all – cancers.

2. Jonny and Matt told me I needed to meet the head of Movember for the United States, Donny Killian. Donny instantly became one of my top-favorite people on the planet. I told him to put me to work  in any way possible to help spread the Movember message.

3. Donny picks up on the fact that I work for iVillage, NBC/Universals monster online community of women, and tells me one of his favorite people, Lisa Kolodny, is the super-star of social media for iVillage. Hello Lisa!

And that’s all it took to start this incredible support from my iVillage “Mo Sistas” superstars including Lisa, my boss-Kelly Wallace, and the incredibly passionate Dina El Nabli.

4. Through their collective enthusiasm for supporting Movember, iVillage brought tremendous visibility (and helped my awesome team of dad bloggers raise over $30,000!) to the cause.

And I simply want to say thanks. To them. To Jonny. To Matt. And Donny.

For a guy who grew up in a house full of boys, I always wished I had some sisters. I think I got that wish this past month with three of the damn best Sistas you’ll ever find!

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  • Kellyannbrown1

    And I live in Chicago and have known of Jonny for years (my sister passed away from cancer)…and was college housemates with Lisa Kolodny at Michigan–there you go for six degrees.  Happy Movember and thanks to everyone for doing what you do.