Bobblehead Break: Jon Graves – The Hottest (Did I Just Write That?) Single Dad Around!

Posted July 4, 2011 by jimhigley

The Grave Boys

Jon flanked by Everen (left) and Christian (right)

I recently had a chance to take a break with Jon Graves, named the country’s Hottest Single Dad by iVillage. Jon’s one of the most inspiring dads I have had the pleasure of getting to know. A widower, having lost his wife, Jeseca to cancer in 2007, Jon is raising his two young sons and guiding them on their journey to being happy, joyful, purposeful men. You’ll like this guy and the wisdom he shares. You can find out more about Jon at his website. And be sure to listen to my radio interview, Bobblehead Dad on WebTalk Radio, for more of Jon! The show with Jon is titled “Hot Dad. Good Dad.”


1. Where’d you grow up? I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but after my parents divorced when I was five, we moved to Orange County, California. I grew up bouncing around the suburbs of Los Angeles.

2. Any siblings? If so, where’d you fit in? I’m the older brother to Mike. It’s just the two of us. He hated being the younger brother…I had some fun with it. : )

3. Where do you live today? I live in San Diego, California with my two boys, Everen (12) and Christian (9).

4. I’ll never forget: watching the steam come out of my mom’s ears after she heard I’d watched the movie Gremlins with my best friend before the greater LA City Little League championship game. It was a no-no at the time. I can watch it today.

5. Most embarrassing Halloween costume as a kid? Or as an adult that you’d admit to? I ordered a Gladiator-type costume a couple of years ago for a costume party I threw for my boys and their friends. I ordered it inadvertently from the “adult” section. Let’s just say it was more revealing than the picture on the website indicated. I sent it back and found a Lancelot costume the next day. Thankfully, the boys never saw it.

6. When I was a kid: all I did was play baseball. I can’t remember doing anything else.

7. Ever break a bone? I’ve had seven surgeries, and have had both my nose and right shoulder reconstructed, but I’ve never broken a bone.

8. One word to describe your dad: Colonel

9. Two words to describe your mom: Wordy Redhead

10. My dad was: My dad has lived 2,500 miles away all of my life. After my parents split, I saw him for a week or two each year, and he really didn’t become a part of my life until I went to college. I’m happy to say we’re much closer now.

11. When did you become a dad? 1998. I was more nervous and more motivated than I think I’d ever been in my life. 

12. First thought when you held your oldest: Who are you, and what are you going to do to our lives?

13. Tell us about your family today: Today it’s just the three of us: the Three Graves Boys.

14. The back seat of my car: Never, ever seems clean enough for an adult passenger. It’s one of the casualties of being a single parent.

15. When the kids are asleep: I’m doing the dishes and laundry, and making their lunches ahead of what I know is coming…the morning routine.

16. Number of hours you sleep each night: 6 if I’m lucky.

17. I knew I was an adult when: I ordered a beer in front of my mom.

18. I’m proud of: the moments when the boys, without provocation, tell me that they love me and are happy.

19. I’m surprised how much time it takes: between the time I say to get in bed and the time they actually do it.

20. Favorite TV show to watch with kids: Wipeout. We have a really good time laughing at other peoples’ misfortune. 

21. Any good imitations or voices? My youngest does a great Donald Duck. My oldest has moves like Michael Jackson. I do my best to sound like Megatron every once in a while.

22. I always tell my kids: that it matters more to be a good man than to have anything or everything in the world.

23. My kids spend way too much time: making a mess.

24. When I’m away from my kids… I think about getting them back.

25. I hope my kids never forget… that I love them, and that no matter what they do in life, I will always be proud of them for moving forward after losing their mom.

Hop over to, Bobblehead Dad on WebTalk Radio and search for Jon’s interview titled “Hot Dad. Good Dad.”


  • Janie

    Great candid interview!  I love Jon’s final comment. That’s what it’s all about!