Daughters: A Dad’s Secret Weapon

Posted October 4, 2013 by jimhigley



The words sat on my calendar for at least four months. “Dad’s Weekend.”

And grammatically speaking, I believe it should have been written “Dads’ Weekend.” The mistake was intentional. My daughter’s annual sorority event had nothing to do with the other forty-some fathers. This was my weekend.

We used to have “Daddy-Daughter Dances.” And for a few brief years we attempted campouts with her Indian Princess Tribe. She was “Jumping Horse.” And I was “Floating Boat.” Don’t ask.

We had soccer and volleyball, gymnastics and horseback riding. We had a lifetime of carpools. Bike riding. We had science projects, Halloween costumes, school musicals, parent-teacher conferences, homecoming dances, broken hearts, mean friends, sleepovers, pool parties, college tours, back-to-school shopping, bra shopping, car shopping, “baking” parties, fevers, colds and more. And plenty of moments just being.

But those are the memories. Now I get a weekend. Which really meant I got 25 hours and 35 minutes. But who’s counting?

Alright. To be perfectly honest, I am.

And I’m pretty sure the other dads felt the same.

While it wasn’t on the agenda, we could have had one heck-of-a “Dads in Denial” group therapy session. Because I’m quite confident every one of us felt the exact same thing.

“How in the hell did I get so old?” And “How did I ever end up with such an incredible kid?”


If you don’t have one yourself, you’re missing one of life’s most incredible relationships.

Complicated? Perhaps. But aren’t most kids?

Emotional? I guess some might be. But may I introduce you to my sons?

25 hours and 35 minutes. Not as much as I’d like. But certainly enough to be reminded that:

  • Warm memories are fine. But nothing beats a bright future;
  • There may be other guys in her life, but you’re still the number one guy who needs to define goodness;
  • Having your daughter turn to you for advice is far better than telling her what to do.

So here’s to our daughters. We love you dearly. And you know what else? You’re our secret weapon in life.

You keep us young.


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