BABBLE-Head Dad?

Posted December 21, 2012 by jimhigley

Santa will surely tell you that lists are over-rated.

But I have to admit that it’s kind of fun to show up on any list that’s not the “Naughty List.”

That’s one of the many reasons I’m proud to have been included in this year’s Babble Top 50 Dad Blogs for 2012.

Seriously, I’m just honored to be able to hang around on a list with a ton of men I admire as writers. Friends. And dads.

I’m also super proud to have been named one of the Best Designed websites. That credit goes 100% to Shelton Interactive. A brilliant organization run by one of the wisest guys I know, Rusty Shelton. I’m proud to call him my friend.

So check out Babble’s list. It’s full of some pretty cool folks. I’m #27 if you’re looking.

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