LiveStrong Marathon – Wanting a Redo

Posted February 16, 2012 by jimhigley

The 2012 Austin-LiveStrong Marathon  is this weekend. I actually have a bunch of friends who are flying down to join in the fun for either the full marathon or the half version. And while I’m happy and excited for all of them – I’m feeling a little mixed.

I ran the LiveStrong half last year with several Imerman Angels friends. And while I wasn’t in very good shape – even then  – I did it. And for me that’s what it’s all about. Just doing it. Kind of like Nike.

But this year I can’t make the journey down south. Still on the heals of end-of-year foot surgery, my running days feel like a fading sunset memory.

So, as part of my self-motivation, I’m sharing a story I wrote last year after all of the Austin fun. The story ran in Man of the House. I’m hoping it reminds me about all the reasons why I enjoy running.


I recently joined about 20,000 other runners for the 20th annual Livestrong Austin Marathon and Half Marathon.

The short version of my adventure goes something like this: I showed up at the start. I crossed the finish line. What I did in between mirrored how I’ve learned to live my life.

  • I ran a lot—covering as much ground as I could.
  • I walked without a hint of embarrassment when my body told me to do so.
  • I soaked in the excitement whenever it said hello. Which was often.
  • I high-fived a few hundred strangers.
  • I got goose bumps watching true heroes accomplish amazing feats.
  • I smiled as I witnessed thousands of fans cheer for people they loved.
  • I stopped to help someone who was hurt. More than once.
  • I got frustrated, at first, as one hill after another showed up. But then I’d celebrate my ability to conquer it—albeit slowly.
  • I broke my long journey into several tiny, achievable goals—like reaching the next intersection.
  • I lived vicariously through countless moments of others, like a dad who—about a hundred yards from the finish—grabbed his son and hoisted the toddler on his shoulders so they could both share the final steps of an extraordinary moment.

And when I crossed the finish line, after a full-out sprint for a couple….. READ THE REST OF THE STORY IN MAN OF THE HOUSE.